About us

Take Your Mark Sports LLC was founded  to solve body marking needs in sports. The company developed an ink that is waterproof, easy to remove, and most importantly safe for use on skin.  SportSafe™ is the leading brand of waterproof ink body markers used by athletes at sporting events such as swim meets, triathlons, and obstacle races for identification, self-expression, and inspiration . Unlike art and industrial permanent markers that can contain toxic chemicals, SportSafe™ marker inks are made with skin safe cosmetic ingredients and are preferred by both race directors and participants for their safety, outstanding contrast, durability, and ease of removal. The markers can be found in swim shops for swimmers, running stores, and general sports retailers for a variety of sports applications. They are also for sale on-line through many e-tailers.

Markers using our proprietary inks can be made with custom labeling for promotional or private label customers. Fill-out the contact form and we'll be in touch with you to discuss your requirements!