The Best Way To Mark With SportSafe Markers

February 22, 2018

The Best Way To Mark With SportSafe Markers

While it may seem that writing on skin with markers should be self-explanatory, due to differences in our inks and marker types, the process will vary. Below I will describe how to apply each marker type. In order to provide for the best lasting mark, regardless of marker type, we recommend you clean and wash the skin before application. The marks can be removed with soap and water, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, or baby wipes.

SportSafe™ Medium Tip Markers In Multi-Color Packs and Fine Tip Markers

Sportsafe skin and body markers

These are similar to standard art markers and contain FDA compliant dyes. These markers contain a reservoir of ink and the ink moves from the reservoir to the tip via fibers as the ink from the tip is placed on the skin.

To apply these markers there is nothing special to do – just write and replace the cap when finished.

SportSafe™ Medium Tip Hi-Capacity Markers and Jumbo Event Markers

Sportsafe medium tip high capacity skin marker

These are known as press-tip markers and are similar to paint markers as you need to press on the tip to allow the ink to flow from to the tip. The inks used in these markers are pigments. Pigments are different from dyes in that they contain solid particles where dyes dissolve in the ink fluid. Therefore pigments require a marker that can dispense solid particles. Certain FDA compliant colorants are only available in pigment form – one of which is black.

To apply first shake the marker to mix the ink. If the markers were subject to temperatures above 80F, remove the cap and hold the marker tip up and press the tip to release any built up pressure due to heat. Then return the marker to the writing position and press the tip on a solid surface to ink the tip. If there is no solid surface use the cap to press the tip against. When the tip runs dry of ink simply hold the marker tip down and press the tip 1-2 times to re-ink. Replace the cap when done. In most cases even if the tip is left off the marker can be re-used by following the previous instructions.

SportSafe™ Cosmetic Skin Marking Pens

Sportsafe cosmetic skin markers

These markers are for personal or small group use for applying a wide mark for self expression to many parts of the body. It comes with a soft tip. The pen is known in cosmetics as a click pen and is used with pigment colorants.

To apply remove the cap and hold the marker tip up and turn the bottom or base. You will hear clicking as the plunger is moving to push the ink towards the tip. You may need to turn the base a number of times before the ink shows on the tip – be patient. The felt tip holds only a small amount of ink so be mindful not to overfill the tip as extra ink will drip from the marker. When the tip is exhausted of ink repeat the procedure. When done replace the cap.